• Company name VALTEC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. (Company name changed from HEISEI Technology in 2019 July)
  • establishedApril 19 2013
  • Capital100 million Taiwan dollars
  • company address 5F., No.5, Alley. 8, Lane. 45, Baoxing Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 23145, Taiwan R.O.C.
  • factory address5F., No.5, Alley. 8, Lane. 45, Baoxing Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 23145, Taiwan R.O.C.
  • Phone number+886-2-2915-2150
  • Fax number+886-2-2915-2157
  • Employee98
  • CertificatesISO 9001、IECQ QC080000
  • Group Company
    VALTEC CO.,LTD. Sinzyuku Squaretawa-3F, 6-22-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-1103, Japan
    VALTEC JAPAN CO., LTD. Sinjuku Squaretawa-3F, 6-22-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-1103, Japan
    VALTEC IT SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd Sinjuku Squaretawa-3F, 6-22-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-1103, Japan
    VALTEC COMMUNICATIONS Co., Ltd Sinjuku Squaretawa-3F, 6-22-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-1103, Japan
    VALTEC FIELD SURVICE Co., Ltd 6-18-25, Kitakarasuyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 157-0061, Japan
    Office24 Co., Ltd. Sinjuku Squaretawa-3F, 6-22-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-1103, Japan
    VALTEC NETWORKS Co., Ltd. I Town Plaza-B108, 6-21-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tolyo, 163-1103
    AreaBe Japan Co., Ltd Sinjuku Squaretawa-3F, 6-22-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-1103, Japan
    VALTEC SIGN Co., Ltd. Sinjuku Squaretawa-3F, 6-22-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-1103, Japan
Management team
  • CEOSuzuki Hiroyuki
  • Introduction
    Management Center
    Accounting Management Department
    • accounting processing
    • cash management
    • cost management
    • Internal control
    • personnel management (1)securing human resources (2)cooperation (3)maintenance(4)evaluation (5)development
    • management of information system planning, maintenance, integration and facilities which are relevant to information system.
    Operation Center
    Heisei Technology has experience of making electrical products, information communication devices and communication facility. And our R & D team continues to make innovation of function and application. If you regard the product quality as important and value your management performance and want to choose the partner who is reliable, please contact us quickly without hesitation. We are confident of solving your problem. And we can make the products which you want and offer you the product which is high quality and low price. It is our belief to offer you the highest performance.
    Sales Department
    • To arrange the sales goal of a business year and summarize it. Evaluation and Suggestion.
    • To plan the sales goal and execute it.
    • Marketing and to find a new customer.
    • To confirm a contract, modify it and annul it.
    • To contact with customers and deal with them.
    • To apply for a sample, make a request and send.
    • To ship what a customer ordered and make a request.
    • To make the materials of customers, compensate, update, divide.
    • To calculate processing cost, check and estimate.
    • To contact with employee in our factory.
    • To be a mediator between customers and our factory.
    • To establish the RMA system and manage the complaint.
    • To manage Customer Satisfaction and enhance the quality of products.
    Procurement Department
    Procurement Department is a part of logistics system and consists of production control, purchasing and Inventory management. Procurement Department enhances product competitiveness through support, service and quality control of materials.
    • To ensure material supply by controlling vendor.
    • To enhance efficiency of department.
    • To manage price, lead time, quality control and due date.
    • To contribute to cost reduction by negotiating with vendors and finding new vendors.
    • To contribute to achievement of business objective by cooperating with Sales Department and Production Department.
    Quality Assurance Management Center
    Quality Assurance Center takes a charge of general quality control. ① IQC: 1. Acceptance inspection of materials. 2. Analysis and support in abnormal condition. 3. Quality evaluation of products which vendors supply. 4. XRF (RoHS) Outsourcing sample inspection. ② OQC: 1. To check each manufacturing processes. 2. Quality inspection of fabricated materials. 3. Analysis and support in abnormal condition. ③ FQC: 1. Quality inspection of finished products 2. Analysis and support in abnormal condition. ④ Others: 1. complaint handling 2. Establishing each Quality Inspection Standards and QC flow chart
    Manufacturing Center
    Manufacturing Center takes charge of general manufacturing.
    Manufacturing Department
    • Management of production operation: preparing materials, operation order of ERP, production efficiency, productivity, management of personnel and product quality.
    • Management of facilities and maintenance
    • Education and training
    • Promotion of 5S and maintenance in the factory
    Industrial technology Department
    The industrial technology of products and processing defective unit.
    • Shifting to the industrial technology of new products and planning of manufacturing process
    • making production process and SOP
    • repairing defective unit, statistical analysis and improving
    Manufacturing Department in Heisei Technology is professional full in-house manufacturing department which makes IPC, POS, KIOSK and multimedia devices.We have been renovating industrial technology by manufacturing experience which we have accumulated for a long time.We focus on quality control of products. As a result of that, we have got ISO-9001 and IECQ-QC080000.Our Products are sold all over the world and highly rated. About QC, we have the strict quality control system. And we make our products utilizing packing materials.We enhance our results of manufacturing department by improving quality and industrial technology. Manufacturing Department are pledged to keep meeting demands of the market quickly cooperating with R&D Department and Operation Department. In Manufacturing and Quality Control Department we have the standard of conduct which is relevant to inspection of materials, fabrication and construction. And we enhance the quality and efficiency of assembly production by modularization, flexible process control and activity of engineers who have a plenty of experience.We strengthen the relationship with customers and vendors and meet customer’s demands by advanced technology, unparalleled quality and quick response.
    Innovation Center
    R&D Department
    • EE System product, multimedia storage device, development of OEM/ODM project, or technology transfer to relevant department.
    • ME System product, multimedia storage device, development of OEM/ODM project, product inspection or technology transfer to relevant department.
    • SW Android
    Product planning department
    • Planning and development of POS, Industrial computer system, KIOSK, multimedia storage device.
    • Evaluation and Acceptance of OEM/ODM project
    • Inquiring customers and specialists about products
    • Scheduling management of projects,cordination with each department
    • Package Design of products, Copywriter, Photography of products image
    • Packing Design of OEM/ODM project, Copy writer, Designing
    • Design service of CI/Logo/icon
    • Product Information Management in Web page
    • Planning marketing and Carrying out
    • Management of each products specification and negotiation which is relevant to certification
    • Contact with various group, organization, media
Company milestone
  • 1989 Aug Heisei Electronics established in Taipei, with initial 2148 sq. ft plant & 30 employees.
  • 1990 JanObtained exclusive rights to sell OKANO SMT & ICT machinery in Taiwan.
  • 1991 JuneSet up 2 assembly lines of SMT production for OEM purpose
  • 1992 JanWon OEM contract manufacturing engineering calculators for Texas Instrument
  • 1993 AugSMT production assemblies expanded from 2 lines to 8 lines
  • 1993 DecWon OEM contract as a sub-contractor of INVENTECH for Apple computer
  • 1994 OctWon sub-contract for COMPAQ, increase to 550 employees with 6952 sq.ft plant.
  • 1995 Apr Became the exclusive agency for TOSHIBA SMT Machinery in Taiwan
  • 1997 DecISO9002 certified
  • 1998 JanEstablished new business unit to develop & produce LAN, HUB and USB
  • 1998 JulSet up HEISEI (China) with 6 SMT lines, 2 DIP lines, 20 COB machines with 480 workers.
  • 1999~ 2002 Dec Won the award of Taiwanese Best Product for Poseidon Panel PC, Lavenus and Comebook hand held computer.
  • 2003 Mar Announce wireless PC POS machine, Photo Kiosks machines.
  • 2004 Jul Merge between Heisei Technology and Heisei Electronics.
  • 2004 AugSpin off Heisei QUAN-XAN; Heisei Electronic as a holding company.
  • 2005 DecPass ISO9001certification
  • 2007 JanBecome a member of the Association of the xD, SD and Memor Stick memory card
  • 2008 SepDeveloped multimedia player and network drives products
  • 2009 Feb Pass QC080000 IECQ certification
  • 2009 DecSold Heisei QUAN-XAN; Heisei Electronic shared held reinvestment QuieTek (shares)
  • 2010 JanIntroduced several new Photo KIOSK products, and to obtain the expertise of renowned manufacturers in Japan and France.
  • 2011 Feb Developed Android based HD media player and hardware application products for smart phones
  • 2013 JuneHeisei Technology is succeeded by bussiness transfer.
  • 2019 JulyCompany name changed VALTEC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. from Heisei Technology.
Scope of Organization and Industry Discipline
Heisei Electronics Co., Ltd. has begun the business as an authorized distributor of Japan OKANO and Toshiba’s ICT and SMT machineries, and because of that Heisei started to focus and provide OEM services as its main business. During the period of 1986 to 1996, the manufacturing industry has not made its shift towards China; OEM business was not only favorable but also profitable, each year Heisei has received a considerable amount of revenue and margin. In 1996, due to the fast changing of IT industry and the manufacturing movement from Taiwan to China, Heisei started to review its strategy in OEM business and realized for the continuity of the organization, it could not be rely on as the only source of revenue. As a result, in 1997, Heisei redefine itself to an organization which places it main emphasis on research and development, and marketing as its core strength. From 1997to1998, Heisei has begun to search potential partners from its current OEM customers, at the same time it has successfully recruited research and development team for media storage and networking related peripherals, which was further developed into Heisei’s media storage division. The same period Heisei Electronics invested into Heisei Technology as part of its corporate strategy to enter into the industrial computer industry. Heisei Technology’s main focus will be on the development of point of sales system (POS) and industrial panel pc system. In 2004, to enhance the overall performance of the corporation, Heisei Technology was merged into Heisei Electronics, in the attempt to synchronize the know-how of manufacturing process and industrial computer, aiming to provide a wider scale of productivity and total solution service to its customer. Now, the business of Heisei Electronics covers both system integration and media storage. Up to this date, Heisei has successfully developed USB 3.0 PCI Express Host Card, USB 3.0 Hub, USB 3.0 Card Reader, USB 3.0 Enclosure, media player, industrialized panel PC, POS PC, Kiosk, Photo Kiosk and many more.
Development team and Research Discipline
Heisei’s R & D team has emphasized on the electrical and mechanical design and development of industrial computers and USB 3.0 related peripherals. Not only has it received multiple recognitions from the Taiwan Excellence Award, but also the products was successfully sold to the customer world wide, which of many was to well known international corporation. In the recent years, R & D team has focused its attention on the products which place emphasizes on software application, such as media player and networking storage related products. By investing into these products not only it will allow the product to have a superior hardware value but value is further enhanced via its unique software application. The enhancement in value will help to differentiate products of low cost and quality, in order to obtain better profitability. Furthermore besides the current IPC product line, it will also help Heisei Electronics to enter into the consumer market, to ensure the foundation of continuity of organization is strengthened.