• 牢固的金屬構造
  • 配有鑰匙鎖非常的堅固的金屬收錢盒
  • 紙幣的托盤可以拆卸,還有分別劃分的硬幣托盤
  • 牢固的金屬構造
  • 配有鑰匙鎖非常的堅固的金屬收錢盒
  • 紙幣的托盤可以拆卸,還有分別劃分的硬幣托盤
Drawer Heavy duty mental eith keylock
Casing Robust mental construction
Front Panel Robust mental construction
Lock 3 positions
Bill Tray Heavy duty ABS plastic construction Adjustable drivers for four or five compartments spring loaded bill clips
Coin Tray Separate coin tray removable from the bill tray Adjustable drivers for up to eight compartment
Slip Deposite Slot Front access slot for check. Credit card receipt,or any paper
Drawer Mode Solenoid Lock Manual Open by drive signal to the solenoid Mechanically locks the drawer Open by key
I/O interface 6 pin phone jack for EPSON printer compatible 9 pin RS-232 interface
Solenoid 12V for RS-232 interface 24V for 6 pin phone jack interface
MTBF 1,000,000 operation
Color Beige or Black
Dimensions 410(W)×415(L)×100(H)mm
Package 460(W)×470(L)×165(H)mm
Net Weight 6.8kg
Gross Weight 7.9kg